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Песня:Dha Dha Tune
песня Dha Dha Tune
Альбом:Quiero Respirar
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Dha Dha Tune (Длительность 03:37)

Текст песни Dhany - Dha Dha Tune
I wanna hear you sings Listen to the beat and to the melody Ain´t got no words and it doesn´t mean a thing Move your pretty lips and sing it out to me The sweet humming bird That´s flyin on wing It´s just like the notes here in my melody One that I heard my darling mamma sings Whem I was a child she used to say to me Dadea oh dadea oh… Feelin´ the heat The steamy atmosphere All the people dancin´to the melody They like to see all their problems disappear When they sing my tune and set they Spirits free Set they Spirits free Set they Spirits free Set they Spirits free Everybody sing Dadea oh Dadea oh… Everybody sing Everybody sing Turn it up and swing Everybody sing Dadea oh Dadeah oh…

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