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Песня:Last summer
песня Last summer
Альбом:French kiss with Kylie
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Last summer (Длительность 03:24)

Текст песни Akcent - Last summer
I sit alone in the rain and my mind is dreamin' (I'm stilll missing you…) Many days have gone by but I can’t stop this feeling (Can't stop loving you…) Prerefren: Seems like yesterday when you walked away I remember begging you to stay To let my feelings show I must always know I should’ve never let you go… Refren: Your love is like rain on a hot night of summer Your touch will make my heart beat like a drummer Don’t run away, I need you to stay Only with you I have strength to fly higher… II: I sit alone in my room and my heart is cryin' Over and over again I remember you smilin'… (I remember you…) Prerefren:. Refren:. Prerefren:. Refren:.

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