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Песня:Shut Up
песня Shut Up
Альбом:Quiero Respirar
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Shut Up (Длительность 03:35)

Текст песни Dhany - Shut Up
I’m not here to say who you are Or to say that I’m fine Cause I? m tired to hear wrongs words from your mouth I? ll blow up you, motherfucker You made me believe that you’d be at my side But you disappear, and I stayed sad I wait for you for a long time it was all about you that I walked on the line Don? t need waste your time to say me what if know I see you face now; it’s all a big show, Shut up… ? stay away from me Right now, don? t you come say to me The same words I used to heard Right now, don? t you come say to me I will forget you; I need to break me free I buried you in a place unknown Cause I? m just looking for what I never found You made me bad, I was a big fool But it? s different now; I want to be away from you Find another someone else that could be mad like yourself That could hold o your stupid things I hope you break down And now is my revenge, It? s better don? t you sleep, I? ll be your nightmare I know where you live, I know who you are Find a safe place to hide this ass I? m a danger, bitch I? m everywhere?

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