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Песня:The Britaican
Артист:Ice MC
песня The Britaican
Альбом:Ice' n' Green
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The Britaican (Длительность 03:21)

Текст песни Ice MC - The Britaican
Hey you it’s the Nottingham bro' I’m comin' at ya fast not comin' slow With the style thats mad so come follow I’m no begginer I guest you could say pro' I’m not jokin' or no crack smokin' Livin' large an other suckers be chokin' Give me a beat I turn on the heat you move ya feet An then ya ready for me baby Fat like Luciano Pavarotti Sounds more funky than the lyrical shit he kick This is a hit no it can’t be a miss I’m not hearin' it if suckers be trying to dis This is a freestyle style that’s free you See free because I don’t pay no money This is flavor time the britadecable stuff Of this shit you just can’t get enough Bruce Lee couldn’t kick this kinda style Wick wicked 'cause this brother is versitile Dread locks on my head like a palm tree Give me the big fist when you see me One two three o’clock four o’clock rock Round the clock 'till the partys done Just follow me don’t follow the flock 'cause I’m takin' you high and I’m the one Boom bang boom boom boom the bang Let me do my thing I get crazy high 'cause I’m crazy fly I got crazy skills I’m that g.u.y I’m not acting tough yo I never bluff I just get the job done with the funky stuff D.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.i.n.g. yo thats me thed

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