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Песня:Don't Forget Me
Артист:Ice MC
песня Don't Forget Me
Альбом:My world
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Don't Forget Me (Длительность 03:11)

Текст песни Ice MC - Don't Forget Me
A while ago when I was younger Felt the need I call it hunger For a girl to be all mine Then you came I felt so fine She was the one that I dreamt of Out of this world a kind a puppy love Linda my angel never forget ya Remember my name one day I’m gonna sweat ya. Don’t forget me On me was society it went that way I was lookin’forward to that very day That I could be with ya you made it fantasy The way I saw it, it was surely reality The past is the past you can’t change it Fake or adjust or lie or rearrange it It was love even now i surrender. Don’t forget my name don’t forget me Now I’m old and I’m bold It takes a lot to make me crumble and fold I go on through life strugglin’through But every now and then i have to think of you. You got a voice like a melody simple and clean And a fine kind of elegance know what i mean But where are you because I’m puzzled and i don’t know Where to search or where to go All i know is we will meet Until that day my life ain’t complete Maybe I didn’t treat you right and i was playing silly games but Linda All I’m asking of you is remember my name And don’t blame my fame once again it’s the same I would rather have no money and have you as my dame Because to me ya like water to a tree.

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