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Песня:Flash Pan Hunter
Артист:Tom Waits
песня Flash Pan Hunter
Альбом:The Black Rider
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Flash Pan Hunter (Длительность 03:08)

Текст песни Tom Waits - Flash Pan Hunter
The flash pan hunter sways with the wind His rifle is the sound of the morning Each sulfurous bullet way have it’s own wit Each cartridge comes with a warning Beware of elaborate telescopic meats They will find their way back to the forest CHORUS For Wilhelm can’t wait To be Peg Leg’s crown As the briar is strangling The rose back down His back shall be my slender new branch It will sway and bend in the breeze As the devil does his polka Wit ha hatchet in his hand As a sniper in the branches of the trees As the vulture flutters down As the snake sheds his dove Wilhelm’s cutting off his fingers So they’ll fit into his glove

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