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Песня:Be Still
Артист:Big Boi
песня Be Still
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Be Still (Длительность 05:10)

Текст песни Big Boi - Be Still
Be still young heart Never will you fall apart Be still young heart Never will you fall apart Be wise my dear you must, learn to just be still Until you really really know Show me you’re right, shine your light I wonder when will I know To hell if I don’t pray Like a mannequin in the window I don’t say a, word — I like to sit back, observe My heart says do not disturb, and yours is like a doorknob, everybody get a turn (yeah) Now that’s a turnoff, girl, I’m not concerned More like the early bird tryin to get the worm worm But not on those terms, you got on my nerves Say I don’t deserve you, you’re gonna learn Treat it like a perm, leave it be or let it burn (burn) Eat 'em like an urr-ange, orange So when they on the verge of leavin it don’t get borin Foreign trips are taken just to see your smiley faces, time’s a-wastin And I don’t like to waste no time You can be down or. yeah I love bein in love (bein in love) Then you let me down, turned my heart around Givin up on love, makes my ocean drown You lived in my heart Secret melodies haunt me at night Maybe lies and lullabies This is my last farewell You let me down Yeah… From behind the Cadillac do'… Grip this wood, slide around real slow… Just thinkin, mind blown As I glare through the smoke tinted windows… And be still

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