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Песня:Night Night
Артист:Big Boi
песня Night Night
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Night Night (Длительность 03:45)

Текст песни Big Boi - Night Night
The rhymes I designed are truly unrefined Like diamonds with a spec of blood dug up out a mine Flows flood between the ears right behind my eyes Giving birth to lines, soul searching for the prize I take my time when deciding what to write Like the SAT while these other niggaz bite Underated and mostly hated but got a lot of fight Like a player, play the background, fuck the spotlight Night night, I recite when I step up to this mic Reputation trump tight like the husband want a wife Stay sharp as broken glass, get busted on or smashed When your ass cross paths with this half of the Kast It’s bed time, bed time Tuck yourself I can tell that you’re terrified Check my record you’ll see that I’m verified (Nobody want none) I terrorize (Don't nobody want none) Now you’re terrified (Nobody want none of this here) It’s bed time Yeah this where second vers supposed to go I don’t think I need to hit ya’ll with another verse But, I think I might, because I like to destroy shit There’s no time to retreat and no surrender Been ready for battle General Patton’s no beginner I keep it all Madden, I call the play then execute for the W Leave the rest of you destitute, now put that money up Oh and your content is nonsense; How you expect to get it a little resitution with all this ghetto flaugin Snow, that’s for tobaggans, no won’t be no pardons Or bargains, three striked then you +Yank+ed up like +A. Rod+ and, uh, with no apartments, you got no home to run to You snitching on yourself and no its your front they come through Without a tap on your phone The only thing they had to do is listen to raps on your songs… Lights out, the time for the nighty night’s overude This is the final countdown to your swan song, you are through All wack emcees and posers this is going out to you Fuck boys will drop their jaws and all because here something new (Something new, something new) ooooh-ooooh-oh-ooooh (Something new, something new) Straight out the plastic, like a pair of footies, no show My nigga you can’t no see me and thats for sho, four door Any kind of Cadillac I go slow, what I’m smoking on Some of that chokehold, no low, no mid Top of the line pine, because I blow big, been here for a while Your momma likes my style, and so do your kids I know you love it, cuz a hater loves to hate You need me like a junkie needs a razor blade and plate I’m dope nigga

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