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Песня:Medicated Goo
песня Medicated Goo
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Medicated Goo (Длительность 03:37)

Текст песни Traffic - Medicated Goo
Pretty Polly Possum what’s wrong with you? Your body’s kind a weak And you think there’s nothing we can do Good Golly Polly shame on you Cause Molly made a stew that’ll make a newer girl out of you So follow me, it’s good for you That good old fashioned Medicated Goo Ooo, aint' it good for you? My own homegrown recipe’ll see you thru Freaky Freddy Frolic had some, I know He was last seem picking green flowers in a field of snow Get ready Freddy, they’re sure to grow Mother nature just blew it And there’s nothing really to it I know Aunty Franny Prickett and Uncle Lou They made some Goo Now they really sock it to their friends Frantic friends and neighbors charge the door They caught a little whiff Now they’re digging it and seeking more F.S. Music Ltd (PRS) & Island Music Ltd. (PRS) All rights on behalf of F.S. Music Ltd. admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp (BMI)

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