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Песня:When The Eagle Flies
песня When The Eagle Flies
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When The Eagle Flies (Длительность 04:25)

Текст песни Traffic - When The Eagle Flies
When the eagle flies you’d better watch your eyes He’s gonna sweep everything in his path And when the Heavens cry it’s gonna drown the sky And you’ll get caught aftermath When mountains move it’s not good trying To prove that you’ve been doing everything that you can And don’t you start to cry when you’re about to die You gotta stand and take it like a man 'Cause you’ve been taking instead of giving And all the while you’ve been living lies Economics, all your atomics Ain’t gonna save you from that bird in the sky And when the good times roll wrapped up in your mink coat You will be stepping from your Cadillac and in a micro flash Gonna feel the lash of big eagle’s wing across your back And when the seas subside you’ll see him glide right out of view In clouds of snow And the rains will come And wash away the scum so that all the little flowers can grow There’ll be no more taking, only giving and the sun pouring down No economics and no atomics, just the spread of (Mother nature’s gown) Do you hear me, mother nature? Do you, do you hear me? Do you hear me? Do you, do you hear me, mother nature? Do you hear me (Mother nature) Mother nature

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