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Karaoke (Длительность 03:48)

Текст песни Drake - Karaoke
Things have been so crazy and hectic I shoulda gotten back by now But you know how much I wanted to make it It’s probably better anyhow So if you gotta go If there’s anything I should know If the spotlight makes you nervous If you’re looking for a purpose You put the tea in the kettle and light it Put your hand on the metal and feel it But do you even feel it anymore? I remember when you thought I was joking Now I’m off singing karaoke Further than I’ve ever been So if you gotta go If there’s any way I can help Isn’t it ironic that the girl I want to marry is a wedding planner That tells me my life is too much and then moves to Atlanta Damn, of all the places you could go I just thought you’d choose somewhere That had somebody that you know I’m always up too late, I worry 'bout you there alone In that place you call your home, warm nights and cold Patron I hope that you don’t get known for nothing crazy Cause no man ever wants to hear those stories bout his lady I know they say the first love is the sweetest But that first cut is the deepest I tried to keep us together, you were busy keeping secrets Secrets you were telling everybody but me Don’t be fooled by the money, I’m still just young and unlucky I’m surprised you couldn’t tell I was only trying to get ahead I was only trying to get ahead But the spotlight makes you nervous And you’re looking for a purpose

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