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Песня:Forty Thousand Headmen
песня Forty Thousand Headmen
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Forty Thousand Headmen (Длительность 03:16)

Текст песни Traffic - Forty Thousand Headmen
Forty thousand headmen couldn’t make me change my mind If I had to take the choice between the deafman and the blind I know just where my feet should go and that’s enough for me I turned around and knocked them down and walked across the sea Hadn’t traveled very far when suddenly I saw Three small ships a-sailing out towards a distant shore So lighting up a cigarette I followed in pursuit And found a secret cave where they obviously stashed their loot Filling up my pockets, even stuffed it up my nose I must have weighed a hundred tons between my head and toes I ventured forth before the dawn had time to change its mind And soaring high above the clouds I found a golden shrine Laying down my treasure before the iron gate Quickly rang the bell hoping I hadn’t come too late But someone came along and told me not to waste my time And when I asked him who he was he said, 'Just look behind' So I turned around and forty thousand headmen bit the dirt Firing twenty shotguns each and man, it really hurt But luckily for me they had to stop and then reload And by the time they’d done that I was heading down the road

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