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Песня:To The Sea
Артист:Jack Johnson
песня To The Sea
Альбом:To The Sea
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To The Sea (Длительность 03:30)

Текст песни Jack Johnson - To The Sea
Bring on your hunters Let them bring their dogs It’s me that you wanted I’ve been right here all along Right here all along You better bring your buckets We’ve got some dreams to drain I’ll be at the bottom I’ve been right here waiting so long Just waiting so long Dreams to drain Put them in a cage Unlock the pain And I’ll be here waiting You fell asleep with the key All your walls Mean nothing to me I know you’ll come back To set us free Run, my dear son Until we get to the trees And then keep on going all the way We’ve got to get right down to the sea We’ve got to get to the sea Oh, my dear son We’ve got to get to the sea But don’t you touch the water Don’t you barely breathe And if you see yourself Looking back at you You’re going to have to leave You’re going to have to leave I don’t want you to go But you’ve got to leave

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