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Песня:Over The Mountains
песня Over The Mountains
Альбом:One In A Million
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Over The Mountains (Длительность 04:13)

Текст песни Bosson - Over The Mountains
Oh… oh Oooh… oh Oooh… Anywhere in the world I’ll go for you I’ve made up my mind I’ve packed my bags I’m not returning home Until someone will give me reason to I lock the door and take a breath I’m ready to let go, I know you’e somewhere out there too there’s only one thing for me to do And I go ~*Chorus*~ Over the mountains and over the sea To find a heart that belongs to me Anywhere in the world I go Anywhere till I find you I run through the valleys I run through the fields I’d do anything I am hard to please And anywhere in the world I go Anywhere till I find you I fly like the wind I don’t know where my heart will lead the way I need someone to love and hold on to But the road is long I’ve had my doubts But nothing lets me down cause I know you’re somewhere out there too waiting for me to get to you and I go… ~*CHORUS*~ It doesn’t matter what The time will tell Cause love will make it worth it For you, for you and me It doesn’t matter what the others say Cause I will keep on searching And I go and I go and I go… ~*Chorus*~ X 2

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