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Песня:Inside Out
Артист:Crowded House
песня Inside Out
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Inside Out (Длительность 03:18)

Текст песни Crowded House - Inside Out
I’m gonna take you to a higher place The rain collecting in a secret place And I ache for all your suffering (Inside out) I don’t reveal it all (Inside out) I’m putting up this wall (Inside out) For all the people of the cockatoo set The extrovert is always in your face Unaware he’s invading Your personal space Take him out, the impostor Put a monkey in his place Circle round the hazy sun The hazy sun is circling the house Spin off the chandeliers And who’s the one whose staring at me now You move me into silence It’s a heartbeat away from Hell And I try so hard to control myself Always smiling on the inside out (Inside out) (Inside out) (Inside out) You move me into silence You move me into silence You move me into silence You move me into silence

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