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Артист:Grandmaster Flash
песня Scorpio
Альбом:The Message
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Scorpio (Длительность 04:53)

Текст песни Grandmaster Flash - Scorpio
Ah, Scorpio Show no shame Shake it baby He is DJ Flash and he came here to give you a blast And we are the Furious Five and we’re rocking, shocking all the way live Show no shame Shake it Shake it baby Ah, show no shame Don’t be shy girl Show no shame Higher baby Higher now Higher baby Higher now Higher baby Break it down Show no shame now Throw your hands, way up high And everybody’s gonna try to reach the sky Because you can’t stop, won’t stop playing the game And I know that you can do it if you show no shame Hey girl, don’t be shy Shake your body the way I, the way that I like it With no shame girl That’s the way Shake it baby Take me higher Higher Higher Higher Higher Now break it down Don’t be shy girl Now switch Make a switch Biology power Ah, make a switch Hey Dune Bug, switch Hey, trainee?, switch Make a switch Make a switch Make a switch Make a switch Switch Don’t be shy girl Higher Higher baby Higher now Higher Higher baby Break it down And show no shame girl Mister Ness who rocks the best And Rahiem in the Ladies' dreams And Cowboy is the real McCoy And Grandmaster, cuts much faster And me and Rob, doing the job And Jigsaw is giving me more And Steve Jerome is the king of the throne And Merob is the place to be And Kid Creole is solid Gold Don’t be shy girl Ah baby, break it down Now take me higher Tricia?, and break it down Ah take me higher now Now baby, break it down Higher Higher Lower Higher Low baby Higher Lower, higher, lower, higher, lower, higher The name of this jam is Scorpio

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