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Песня:Unanswered Questions
Артист:John Mayall
песня Unanswered Questions
Альбом:Back To The Roots
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Unanswered Questions (Длительность 04:42)

Текст песни John Mayall - Unanswered Questions
Dissatisfaction all around The world is shifting under ground Why unemployment, where can prosperity be found? Unanswered questions that run thru my mind and bring me down Why this country has to fight? What foolish reason makes me cry? Killing is atrocity, why can’t the worldwide governments see the light? Unanswered questions that seldom ever settle overnight! People, this trial makes me burn Well, here seems saner to retire Sometimes the world makes me feel like there is no one left to tame Unanswered questions show me the truth so I can learn

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