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Песня:The Wasteland
Артист:Elton John
песня The Wasteland
Альбом:Songs From The West Coast
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The Wasteland (Длительность 04:21)

Текст песни Elton John - The Wasteland
Some days I think it’s all a dream The things I’ve done, the places that I’ve been This life of mine seemed surreal at times Wasted days and nights in someone else’s mind Could it be I’m not for real? I’ve slapped my face to check out how I feel There’s hostages to prove it’s true Who lives behind the mask was never proved Come on Robert Johnson Though we’re worlds apart You and I know what it’s like With the devil in our heart You sold your soul at the crossroads Kept a little of mine on hand I’m wading out this muddy water Been stranded in the Wasteland Rattling chains all around my bed Ghosts can laugh but they’re already dead I’m not dying and I’m far from gone The blues man spent his candle but his pain lives on

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