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Песня:Original Sin
Артист:Elton John
песня Original Sin
Альбом:Songs From The West Coast
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Original Sin (Длительность 04:49)

Текст песни Elton John - Original Sin
Oh, it's carnival night And they're stringing the lights around you Hanging paper angels Painting little devils on the roof Oh the furnace wind Is a flickering of wings about your face In a cloud of incense Yea, it smells like Heaven in this place I can't eat, can't sleep Still I hunger for you when you look at me That face, those eyes All the sinful pleasures deep inside Tell me how, you know now, the ways and means of getting in Underneath my skin, Oh you were always my original sin And tell me why, I shudder inside, every time we begin This dangerous game Oh you were always my original sin A dream will fly The moment that you open up your eyes A dream is just a riddle Ghosts from every corner of your life Up in the balcony All the Romeos are bleeding for your hand Blowing theater kisses Reciting lines they don't understand

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