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Артист:Elton John
песня Mansfield
Альбом:Songs From The West Coast
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Mansfield (Длительность 04:53)

Текст песни Elton John - Mansfield
It’s a case I guess of paradise lost Ten years back on the hands of the clock In that little house on Mansfield On your old block Sometimes the magic of the past is all we’ve got Just you and me at a crossroads then Isn’t it funny how we were old friends Accidentally thrown together Did we intend To be the romantic novel you never want to end And it’s the contact of the eye that meets across a crowded room And how I kind of wound up the lyrics to your tune You said, 'Funny but it feels like I’ve known you all my life And how it might feel to kiss you on the mouth tonight In between the Star of David and the California moon The Santa Ana winds blew warm into your room We were crazy, wild and running Blind to the change to come In that little house on Mansfield We’d wake at the break of dawn In an Indian summer gone In the candlelight I can recall Your naked shadow looking ten feet tall Like a wild pony dancing Along the wall Off balance I found love the only place to fall We’d wake at the break of dawn In an Indian summer gone

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