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Песня:Kids That Love To Dance (feat. Emeli Sandé)
Артист:Professor Green
песня Kids That Love To Dance (feat. Emeli Sandé)
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Kids That Love To Dance (feat. Emeli Sandé) (Длительность 02:46)

Текст песни Professor Green - Kids That Love To Dance (feat. Emeli Sandé)
I can’t handle my drugs So blame Shah and his handful a buds Before these vocals I was T-total Till that AK now I’m back and I’m buzzed Get funky, light one up, get skunky Let’s all toast to me Toast to green About to take hold and take over the scene Or maybe that should be ether it? Either way, I ain’t an idiot I did quit smoking weed But that didn’t stop me eating it P’s raw, an I been poor So I could never get enough P, I need more See-saw, there’s 5 saturdays And I won’t be happy till I’ve hit at least 4 It’s a long day When you’re rollin' an rocking And the spin isn’t stopping When you don’t care where you are It’s the wrong place If your looking for sober You can find him hungover With the kids that love to dance The professor of rhymes Mr. Dexter met Lector and had one hell of a time A devil disguised, lies You can tell that I’m high by my festival eyes Festival eyes? Ain’t it a Monday? Fuck knows! May as well be a Sunday Runway when I take off 6 val’s Whoops, straight lost six hours I’m back in effect Got shanked in my neck now I’m back from the dead But adjusting has been hard Like I give a shit man? Chicks dig scars Chicks dig me so I dig 'em out But I keep 'em all, I never let 'em out Got about 16 in my cellar now Yeah I still take bus but I get about The bad boy’s back boy On road with my iPod on singing along to black boys Then skipping along to Take That So take that, say what? I hate rap Ain’t that funny Shitting on rappers like I ate that curry So? So mind your business Or wind up with stitches, bitches Dickless with your wanna-be bars Impotent rappers- all wanna be hard Diss me? You must wanna get parred Faux- par you’re so 'barge Ain’t seen a rapper like me yet so far Nah, I’m gonna take getting used to The pupil nobody could get through to On YouTube, in a tutu

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