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Песня:From Africa 2 U
песня From Africa 2 U
Альбом:Nneka... To and Fro
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From Africa 2 U (Длительность 03:53)

Текст песни Nneka - From Africa 2 U
Plenty wahala, plenty dey gpeme For the sake of our ignoranci oh weg et this pain for bele See no be because dem no born you with silver spoon for mouthi oh, Say u be ogpe Make I tell my story oh Make I tell you my story oh Chorus Africa, Nigeria from Warri to Abuja, Lagos States, Niger Delta Oh my Africa you are so beautiful Some dey sick, some dey well, some dey tatafo, some dey aproko We dey call oghene, we dey call chineke Wetin go save us from d pain wen we dey go through, Africa no one else go save you but u, it is time to arise, Take away your pride It is time to arise yes Chorus Bridge We are living in a world, self centred, Making our own hell fire, all by ourselves And then we start with eye service, to make one notice us Can’t we see, the way we lie to ourselves Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa… Come with me, arise, arise

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