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Песня:Hard Luck
Артист:Elvis Presley
песня Hard Luck
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Hard Luck (Длительность 02:53)

Текст песни Elvis Presley - Hard Luck
Oh, I’m really feeling mighty low No, no, no, I got no place that I can go So I’ve got some blues to sing And oh, so much remembering, woe Black cats, keep away from me Take my advice, go shinning up a tree I got hard luck, the hardest kind a luck you’ll find I ain’t lyin', I’ve got the bluest kinda blues Driving' me right outta my mind She’s gone, said toodle-loo Kissed her goodbye and my, my, my money too I’ve got hard luck, the hardest kinda luck you’ve seen I mean, the way I’m running' lately My lucky number is thirteen Where do I belong, everything I do is wrong All wrong, wrong as can be Who’s stacking all the decks Lady luck has got the hex on me I’m on her knee da da da da Shove off, oh, I’m warning you This thing I caught, you know could be catching too I’ve got hard luck, the hardest kinda luck there can be Yes, sir, I guess hard luck always chooses Natural born losers like me, oh ah

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