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Песня:Beat Build
песня Beat Build
Альбом:Freaknik The Musical
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Beat Build (Длительность 03:31)

Текст песни T-Pain - Beat Build
Put your hands up… Put your hands up I can’t hear you… C'mon Keep the party goin', shake them titties, bounce that ass baby Throw your hood up, Everybody go crazy If they shut it down he won’t be a happy dude Cause when the party stop Freaknik turn to maggot food And these faggot dudes they can’t stop all a y’all So tear this bitch up and blame it on the alcohol So put some fire on that ass and love that weed And let your truck bam till' you disturbin' the peace Lit up your fire in the sky if you packing your heat For Freaknik we gon' cause ruckus in the streets Matter fact somebody gon' have to call the police Tell em' I’m right here on the stage if they lookin' for me Pefected my flow, I did it for us Walkin' to school or catchin' the bus My pants sag, It’s cos I’m so hood Sweet tea mob, We up to no good I bought the ice cream, i bought the hot sasha I bought potatoe chips, but now its Red Lobster Me n' all my patners, We did it real big I spent 200 dollars, We did it real big I’m talking Freaknik, I popped my first bottle I met my first groupie, lap dance, to top model It’s Big Uzi, I got a big Uzi Well not a Big Uzi, I got a lil Uzi I wanna big name, I wanna big chain Put my face on it, They think I’m insane But we rule the world, We came a long way I thought we’d never make, Man we came a long way Oh I, People do it for you, and you, and you I can hear your voice come through, through, through They don’t want us to do we do, do, do That’s why we do it, That’s why we do it (Girl) That’s why we do it, That’s why we do it That’s why we do it, That’s why we do it I’mma keep on goin' for you, and you, and you That’s how we do it, That’s how we do it Thats how we do it Thats why we do it Thats why we do it Thats why we do it

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