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Артист:Band Of Horses
песня Laredo
Альбом:Infinite Arms
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Laredo (Длительность 03:12)

Текст песни Band Of Horses - Laredo
Gonna take a trip to Laredo Gonna take a dip in the lake Oh, I’m at a crossroads with myself I don’t got no one else Impossibilities at the door I won’t be needing them anymore Oh is this the first time in your life It’s hard just to get by? But oh, my love, don’t you even know? And oh, my love, are you really gone? Can you see the world through a window? Are you havin' troubles in droves? Oh, it ain’t the worst thing I could do Is get back home to you I put a bullet in my Kia Lorenzo A kitchen knife up to my face Throw me in the deep of Jammer Lake Believe me when I say That oh, my love, you don’t even call And oh, my love, is that you on the phone? Oh Oh, my love, you don’t even know Oh, my love, are you really gone? Oh

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