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Артист:Band Of Horses
песня Compliments
Альбом:Infinite Arms
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Compliments (Длительность 03:27)

Текст песни Band Of Horses - Compliments
I’m fixing a drink in the morning With the way things are, You may have stayed too long You’re splitting apart at the seams From the hospital call You’ve known him so long If there’s a God up in the air Someone looking over everyone At least you got something To fall back on Deep in the heart of the country Was a house I built from logs A raven and a lady hawk Quiet and calm through the day See the sun burn through the fog Approaching was a yellow dawn And what are people really for? Does anybody even care? I’ll bet you get a lot of compliments down there And do you got something to say? Isn’t something coming over you? Do you got important things Still left to do?

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