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Песня:Blood On Stone
Артист:Uriah Heep
песня Blood On Stone
Альбом:The Ultimate Collection
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Blood On Stone (Длительность 04:37)

Текст песни Uriah Heep - Blood On Stone
His blood’s on stone It’s running down the frozen wall His hand’s so cold He’s trying not to fall Oh, will he make it now One slip and he’s lost It’s his last chance for freedom It’s all that he’s got He feels good, so right Hot sweat on a cold night Breaking free into the wind He’s got nothing to lose, just win He’s just a runaway He’s free now and on his way He’s almost home Just one push and He’ll take this wall It’s blood on stone From trying not to fall He’s made it now Where others have not Just one last jump to freedom Is all that he’s got

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