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Артист:Simple Minds
песня Woman
Альбом:Real Life
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Woman (Длительность 04:41)

Текст песни Simple Minds - Woman
Spirit of girl I know’s in front of me I brought her home its where she’d want to be Picture of some strange tattooed bird on her thigh Shine on walk on take a walk with me Something going I can tell The way you know its meant to be There’s something taking all your life You’re drifting far away from me Spirit of the one I love walk in the room It gets so hard when it’s all too soon Lover’s lonely planet blue smoke in your eyes Shine on get home when are you gonna rise Shook my life Mercury You don’t live here any more Shine on Mercury Walking the the sunlight to the old courtyard Where the weather’s warm and the air tastes sweet In a world where words can say what’s in her eyes She will epitomise, so let her rest in peace Something’s going I can tell The way you know it’s meant to be Something taking all your life And you’re drifting far away from me Something I can tell you Mercury Something I can tell you Really want to tell you I’d really love to tell you

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