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Песня:Empty Vessels
Артист:The Maccabees
песня Empty Vessels
Альбом:Wall Of Arms
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Empty Vessels (Длительность 03:13)

Текст песни The Maccabees - Empty Vessels
Trodding the road with no place to go It ain’t safe to know It ain’t safe to feel so Unattached to any particular concern But to reconfirm that we Dare to take this Root hard travel with perpetual babbles Our bittersweet civiles Similar to what the society’s teaching Society’s beating the best and the worst And it’s yet another squalid verse In the thirst and the quest and they’re yet to be wretched Such is the nature of the searcher When you’ve had it up to here, and you don’t wish to hurt’ya And I’ve got a big list of blame And I will call out names And I will fuel the shame that may Set upon society shows for generations to come Comfortably numb from the barrel of the gun Before we have to break this world Before we have to shake this world What will it take to wake this world And hear the silent sigh, the silent cry (Alone, alone, alone, not alone at all) Empty vessels with a big 'ole noise The hunger for joy, but the men stay boys Wrapped in them ego, base releash That you’ve got to use your fists and your gun to achieve Reinforced by the glory of their beautiful screens With beautiful scenes, and beautiful screams So how many tears must fall When we all play a part, and we all could do more If you got no kind words to say You should say nothing more at all (Alone, alone, alone) There we go merrily, merrily we go Same old, same old, scenario You took a blow now, she took a blow Too late to fret now, too late to show If you got no kind words to say You should say nothing more at all Empty vessels with a big ol' noise Empty vessels with a big ol' noise

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