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Песня:Heathen Horde
песня Heathen Horde
Альбом:Two Decades Of Greatest Sword Hits
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Heathen Horde (Длительность 04:12)

Текст песни Ensiferum - Heathen Horde
Too many times has moon travelled across the sky Since our fathers sailed out for glory and honour It’s time to fulfil the vow once given Forge your plows to swords, send the word Raise an army countless as stars in the sky All heathen hearts Answer the call God of thunder bless our swords Our heathen horde Will never fall We are hungry for blood, steel and war Filled with strength, valour, determination Determined to conquer the land There is no power In their weak invocation Puny invocations to their feeble god Desecrate and drown it in their blood Ósnjallr maðr Hyggsk munu ey lifa Ef hann við víg varask En elli gefr Honum engi frið Þótt honum geirar gefi Row! Storm is getting near Row! I can see land ahead No! Show no mercy for the weak Gold, land and women are ours to take so kill! English translation of Old Norse poem: «A coward believes he will ever live If he keep him safe from strife: But old age leaves him not long in peace Though spears may spare his life.»

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