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Песня:Shine Like Gold
Артист:Big Gipp
песня Shine Like Gold
Альбом:Shine Like Gold
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Shine Like Gold (Длительность 02:48)

Текст песни Big Gipp - Shine Like Gold
There’s no light in this room It’s alright we got you You shine like GOOOLLLDDD Your walk by Cause a scene All the guys they agree You shine like GOOOLLLDDD Like GOOOLLLDDD Everybody got a favorite girl Beautifullest thing in this world And I want to get in ya And I want to get in ya Your goals your dreams Your life your interests You shine like gold to me Love take a hold of me You are everything I ever wanted be my lady So I had to take this opportunity to say Just like my favorite song Every time you play I sing along Baby my number one girl is you Fantasies of a mountain trail I’m a knight, you’re a nightingale Can’t you tell By the way that I talk to you By the way that I look at you We a merry-go-round, our love go round and round She’s my scream machine, our love go up and down

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