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Песня:Drug Song
песня Drug Song
Альбом:Живой и невредимый
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Drug Song (Длительность 05:29)

Текст песни Наив - Drug Song
Now every morning at 7 o’clock, I get out of my bed and I step on the rock. And the chinese boss comes and says: «Keep still! Roll up your sleeve and give me that drill». Now you shoot up junk and what do you get! Another day older and deeper in debt! No one got no fun! Under this sun got no fun! I was born one morning when the sun didn’t shine, I picked up my syringe and I walked to the line. If you see me comin' - better step aside, A lotta men didn’t — a lotta men died! It’s a mighty hard road that my hands have hoed, My poor brain has traveled one polished barbiturate road, But I’ve been through this a hundred times before: Could someone tell me what I’m doing this for? Could someone tell me what I’m doing this for?

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