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Песня:Shake Dat Sh**
песня Shake Dat Sh**
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Shake Dat Sh** (Длительность 03:55)

Текст песни Shawnna - Shake Dat Sh**
Maannn, these bitches is awfully nasty And these bitches keep walking past me Either way, I’m a pimp for today Put your bootie in the way and shake that shit! (Now these niggas is bout they bank) (And these niggas keep buying dranks) (Lips creep from my body on your lips) (Get it closer to the tip and shake that shit!) S-H-A to the W double N-A Real bitch don’t play Your eyes can’t hide what your lips won’t say You’re acting like the Dukes of the Fifth won’t spray It’s okay, they gon learn Chi’s most wanted bitch wait your turn! Sac full of yum I’m a make that burn Y’all can’t smoke none anyway Wild ones, walk wit a bitch through wild slums Trying to figure out if they’re scared of the hips or the chips Or they really can’t talk to a bitch wit wild guns No games, hat to the side wit low frame Now I came in this industry killin em Now they all feeling me, sipping on Henny wit an O and a gram! C-H-I to the C-A, G-O If you ain’t been, don’t go My city’s so fast, you react so slow Your heart might stop and your blood won’t flow (That ain’t right) I stomp through the hood Wit a grand on my feet like that ain’t tight Diamonds on my neck like that ain’t bright I come through and shut down the Saturday Night! (Hell yeah) You can kiss that and (Feel there) bring it right back Don’t mess wit the frame if you don’t know a thing Six years in the game, I’m still here Hold up! They mad cause the streets is sold up! I’m back on my feet, so watch for the cops, we’ll never stop Just rep for ya block and throw it up! M-I-D to the W-E-S-T Better yet that’s me Most of y’all chicks gotta impress me You say you got skills, put 'em up let’s see Show and prove, I hate to really see What y’all goin through, put on any beat We could spit it in the street From the West to the East, or South to the house Just showing love, go home The body on the flo' is so grown What cha gon' do, when you call to ya label And ya gotta shed a tear, cause you hear ya career’s Been post-poned, back up Smart mouth bitches, get slapped up Take it to the trap, get clapped up Put it in ya brain that the female game, been wrapped up Shorty said, shorty said Shorty said, shorty said Wait a minute, hold up Wait a minute, hold up Hold up, wait a minute Hold up, now wait a minute Shorty said, shorty said Shorty said, shorty said

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