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Песня:Live Before You Die
Артист:Bon Jovi
песня Live Before You Die
Альбом:The Circle
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Live Before You Die (Длительность 04:18)

Текст песни Bon Jovi - Live Before You Die
I was a little boy of 9 years old The whole world in my hands Trying to toss that ball across the yard A game of catch with my old man He would always say I’m sorry Every time he had to leave And I was much to young to understand When he would say to me When you’re young you always think The sun is going to shine There will come a day When you have to say hello to goodbye Sit down son take my hand Look me in the eye Take these words, promise me You’ll live before you die I was barely seventeen summer of seventy-nine Already I was feeling like I was running out of time I had this girl we fell in love Or should I say that she had me Then one fateful night changed our lives And made a memory You learn to love to live You fight and you forgive You learn what’s wrong and right You live before you die I made mistakes I caught some breaks But I got not regrets There’s some things I don’t remember But one thing I don’t forget When you’re young you always think The sun is going to shine One day you’re going to have to say hello to goodbye Shout it out let someone somewhere Know that you’re alive Take these words wear them well Live before you die Hey! Live before you die

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