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Песня:Permanent Thing
Артист:Jace Everett
песня Permanent Thing
Альбом:Red Revelations
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Permanent Thing (Длительность 03:46)

Текст песни Jace Everett - Permanent Thing
Here they come down my street He’s standin' there where I use to be Look at that stupid grin on his face Don’t he look so out of place? Poor thing, he can’t help himself Just let him have his turn But baby, you and I both know Some gifts can’t be returned He not a permanent thing The night we met, that’s all it took By the cigarette machine With the babbling brook I was lookin' at you You were lookin' right back Got down on one knee And made you laugh I don’t really blame you, girl For messing with his head I know that you’ll be back before I see that boy again He not a permanent thing

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