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Песня:Friday Mourning
песня Friday Mourning
Альбом:Swords + Live In Warsaw
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Friday Mourning (Длительность 04:08)

Текст песни Morrissey - Friday Mourning
Friday mourning, I’m dressed in black Douse the house lights, I’m not coming back For years, I warned you Through tears, I told you Friday mourning, there comes a time Before that breaks this very smug mug of mine This dawn raid soon put paid to All the things I’d whispered to you At night time And I will never stand naked in front of you Or if I do, it won’t be for a long time Look once to me, look once to me Then look away Look once to me, then look away And when they haul me down the hall And when they kick me down the stairs I see the faces all lined up before me Of teachers and of parents and bosses Who all share a point of view «You are a loser» «You are a loser» Friday, friday mourning Dressed in black I won’t be coming back (Friday…)

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