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Песня:If I Had One
Артист:Toby Keith
песня If I Had One
Альбом:American Ride
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If I Had One (Длительность 03:13)

Текст песни Toby Keith - If I Had One
Jackknife, brake at the traffic stop Interstate looking' like a parking' lot Fat boy flying on a Fat Boy bike Weaving' in and out and passing' me by I honked my horn and shot the bird at that crazy SOB Yeah, but deep down, I was wishing' it was me But if I had one, I’d have to say I’d probably do the same dang thing Pull her to the shoulder and let that steel horse run I’d be hell on wheels if I had one Called my brother said, «How you’ve been? We ain’t been fishing' since I don’t know when» He said, «This graveyard shift’s a graveyard grind I got more bills than I got time» I’d love to weigh the line but my wife just stay on my case I said «I guess I know who wears the pants around your place» Sitting' on a bar stool talking' to a lady She’s running' my tab up, calling' me baby Buy her a drink she’ll let you chase her And watch her shake her money maker Boy if I had one I’d have to say I’d probably shake it the same damn way Hike it up high 'cause I could get it, son I’d never buy another beer if I had one You know things would be different if I had one That’s what I’d do if I had one of those I’d do it just like that, right there Things would be different if I had one, too But I don’t, but if I had one, yeah buddy, ooh buddy

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