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Артист:Toby Keith
песня LOADED
Альбом:American Ride
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LOADED (Длительность 02:41)

Текст песни Toby Keith - LOADED
Sun’s gettin' heavy and the night is fallin' Phone ringin' it’s a good time callin' Old truck slicked up shinin' like a rhinestone Takin' off like a big red pocket Flyin' high by the time the band comes on I’m loaded, got a fist full of cash I’m rollin' just filled her up with cash I’m goin' where I wanna be, I got my baby beside me She’s strollin' and I like it a lot She’s showin' everything she’s got We’re blowin' these twenty dollar bills I can’t tell ya how good I feel I’m loaded My baby’s got her shoes off out on the dance floor Gonna dance 'til she can’t dance anymore They haven’t played «Give Me Three Steps», «Give Me Three Steps"yet Bought ten rounds for my buddies at the back bar Stuck my last five in the tip jar Stretched my dollar 'bout as far as it can stretch What’s that?--Checks?--You'd cash a check?--Well, hell! I’m loaded, bring another round Rock 'n rollin' my baby’s still getting down I’m blowin' through my twenty dollar bills I can’t believe how good I feel I’m loaded--got a fist full of cash I’m rollin' just filled her up with gas I’m goin' where I wanna be--I got my baby beside me I’m loaded (loaded) Loaded (loaded) Loaded (loaded) Got my baby beside me I’m loaded (loaded) Rollin' (rollin') Strollin' (strollin') I got my baby beside me I’m loaded (loaded) Loaded (loaded) Loaded (loaded)

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