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песня Forever
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Forever (Длительность 03:40)

Текст песни Ghostface - Forever
Yeah, aiyo it’s 4 in the morning, I decide to turn over Pull down your little red drawers and start to kiss you all over You hope it ('last, forever') I know baby, I hope it ('last, forever') So I, took off my paisley pajamas I got from St. Thomas Yo, I love you so much, so let me pay homage And if you do, yo I promise never break a promise So can I give you the honors my little Pocahontas? Play by play, Miss Camay You like a Zales Diamond in the window, right on display You just a shining, precised in every curve you cut And for your daddy, yo, you never have to tuck in your gut Because I love it like that, stretchmark fat, plus let me show my crunches To burn it off, just lay right on your back And let me do my love dance, I pop it to the left I pop it to the right, I get it all night, come on Them other chicks must hail to the queen, as I Put them dudes straight up and check, cuz the queen is mine (Last, forever, last, forever) We can be broke, holes in our coat, even still we shine We got each other through the bad and the best of time (Last, forever, last, forever) Yo, yo, I’m lost in love, with nowhere to go She says I’m a pain in the ass, boy, get to the store She can say that, cuz we best friends, we play together She carry my left rib, therefore we pray together Bury me on top of her, in our graves together Cuz when she feel pain, I know how to make it better Talks, some long walks, communication in parks Understand what she’s going through, our listen was smarts Especially when she’s on her friend, I be hoping it leave I have to bite my tongue, just to keep from arguing Six days of that is like, who let the monster in After it’s finished then, I can get on top again Shorty girl’s my oxygen, never catch her gossiping Look it ya’ll, this my flower, she gon' keep on blossiming Long as she is mine, and I am her, we gon' ride the wind This lady here is all for me, I never have to lock her in

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