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песня Lonely
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Lonely (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни Ghostface - Lonely
Don’t be surprised, when you see me 'round town Walking around, with my head hung down I’m so lonely, I’m so lonely And don’t be surprised, if you see me on the train Like a homeless man, who’s lost his way I’m so lonely, I’m so lonely On this cold pavement, I feel like laying In the middle of the street, and just saying I can’t take it, I won’t make it Too much weight on my shoulders, and my kids are getting older For so long, I’ve been so strong I’ve been crying all week since you’ve been gone And as the tears roll out my eyes Another happy young couples walks by Someone been sleeping in my bed, eating my food Using my soap, laying up in my pool Walking around in his boxers, like every thing’s cool Gassing my chick for the whip, dropping her off at school Under my covers and changing my channels Playing my CD’s in my robes, another man’s burning my candles My cologne’s half way gone, a fake don, my wiz fell for Now she strolls the park under his arm This is my fault, I’ve never thought I’d see this coming From the outside bugging, with crazy knots in my stomach Say what goes around, comes around, now I know it now Now I’m the fool looking in while it’s going down If somebody would of told me, I might be lonely Now it’s on me, baby call me please Now he’s getting all my kisses, stroking my loving That 'posed to be me, but I was too stupid and stubborn Like a piece of rope, I let it go, my mother said it so You better straighten up, don’t act like you didn’t know Her birthday came, heard she was hugged up, wearing his chain Play in the sky box, at some bullshit Knick game My son said, daddy, he like his eggs well done And he kinda cool, mommy happy, I can’t front He take us on trips and clothes shopping, most of the time We watch flicks on your surround sound, he watch boxing You better go beg or something, before she go love him He’s taking your spot, cuz you was dissing mommy, you bugging They don’t argue, he sent her flowers for no reason She’s cheesing, I’m wishing you could come back and see this

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