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Песня:Stapleton Sex
песня Stapleton Sex
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Stapleton Sex (Длительность 02:33)

Текст песни Ghostface - Stapleton Sex
Mmm, oh, ugh, put it in Yeah You can put my, dick in your mouth and play with my nuts But before I bust, babe, I think I’ll cum in your butt I got my, gun on the floor and I’m ready to fuck Like it’s nothing, it’s nothing Yo my, face is wet, got hair on my tongue Cuz I’mma greedy nigga, absorb pussy juice like a sponge Feel the pretty warm dick, rub it on your clit Oh, right before I bust, I spray it on your tits Switch you over, throw you to the side with one leg up See the head slide in your hole, he stay up Dick all shiny, helmet head bulging, smack it on your tooshie When I hear the (click click) it’s wet and it’s gooshy From behind, I’m a master mind, hundred fast ones And slow it up, because I know how to fuck Keep your pussy right there, don’t move, ooh Holla at your boy, baby, do what it do I love fucking you, your pussy’s the bomb (yeah) Think about fucking this shit all day when I’m gone Get up, suck that dick, spit on it, slob on that shit More bubbles at the knob of that shit It’s my word, you’se a whore, taste good, right? Turn around, get on all four (You pulling my hair) Shut the fuck up (Why you fucking me like that?) Shut the fuck up This ain’t no R&B dick, this hood My slow jam dick is on Thursday’s, if my sugar high My dick don’t get up, you know I’m the best Just, shut your mouth up like you under arrest I’m ready to cum (you ready to cum) Yeah, keep it right (oh my gosh, my pussy is numb) OK, just rub it up against your hole Put your thumb in your mouth, and fuck me real slow Look at me, yeah, baby, I’mma let that go Tell me you love me (I love you, baby) Oh oh Oh shit, don’t touch me, don’t touch me I said don’t touch me, chill Let me get a cigarette (you don’t smoke, nigga) Oh yeah, I forgot (haha) I love when you fuck me like that I’mma go put up some work at the studio, though But when I get back, have a little nurse outfit on With the hat to the side, so I can bend you over In that little desk we got in the room In your thigh highs, word up, and I’mma stop at the Adel store And get one of them little screaming O’s So you can sit your little clit on it and just Let it buzz off all day (yeah) Knowhatimsaying, ma? I’mma get the nine and move

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