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Песня:I'll Be That
песня I'll Be That
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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I'll Be That (Длительность 04:09)

Текст песни Ghostface - I'll Be That
I could be your friend, I could be your tease I can be a freak, I can be a P.Y.T If you ask, I’ll be that I could be your girl, I could be your wife I complete your side, I could be watching me If you ask, I’ll be that I’ll be your homey, lover, friend, I’ll be your everything If you ask, I’ll be that Say you want me, I’ll come running I can be your baby, just you ask, I’ll be that My girl, my love, come through, rescue me Throw me on the bed, no clothes, wrestle me After smashing that, then will you cook for me Promise I won’t hit you, you don’t have to be shook of me Washing my boxers, shirts folded nice and creased Plus when we argue, she will never pull a beast Clap for my baby, award winning, best nookie I been in the whole wide world, that’s why I stay spending I want you in a scarf, boy shorts around the house Wife beater, undercover, sitting on the couch Isley’s is playing, lights dim, vanilla candles is melting It’s a long time, don’t let no one else in Fresh out the tub, sweetness and peaches Body work splash around your neck, the kid admire all your features Niggas be hollering; peace ma, what up boo? You suck your teeth and keep it moving with the screw, yes Happy birthday, red roses, big cakes Donna Karen slippers, got your birthday gift by the lake Big boats, thick ropes, ostrich purses Snakeskin boots, Jared Jewelers, the mink cost mad loot Ski trips, resorts, close your eyes, baby, make a wish Blow your cake out, earrings is snowflaked out Will you marry me? Will you carry me? Through rain, hail, sleet and snow Don’t say no, you’ll embarass me I’ll be that… Baby… Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll be that, I’ll be that…

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