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песня Goner
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Goner (Длительность 04:51)

Текст песни Ghostface - Goner
This gonna be one of them shits right here, boy Yeah baby, let’s do it Oh shit, look at miss thing, you done grew into a stallion Girl, and still don’t got no ring? Back then, you was alot younger, now you older Broke my heart, on what you had in the stroller On the low, that could of been me, Huggie down Fly and handsome, talk about little Starksky With little Barkley’s, little car seat Two years later, here comes little Sharneese I’m saying, are you involved, what’s up with you? And where homeboy at? Oh word, ya’ll through? Eff him, you know how I do, when I come through Shut the whole block down like I got something to prove But umm, besides the lane, you look the same Still blowing beauty marks, sitting under your bang Ankle bracelets, that Donna Kay shit I saw one rope for your throat, yo, it cost about 8 chips Hoodrats, they be wearing that fake shit Like her, she wear the same bag, like it ain’t shit Pardon me, excuse my French Just read my lips, girl, everything’s me He’s a goner, hey, you just say the word Baby girl, I’m on that, hey, anything you need Anything you want, want, hey, hey Cuz he don’t know I gotcha Anything you need, I gotcha Ooh, baby girl, I gotcha Yo, look around, everybody sipping on Rosette All in our business, they wanna be nosey He’s with her, gonna be all in the streets, like a Jeep, tomorrow Don’t worry, let’s breeze the bar And in case I ain’t tell you, those jeans is hard And those is the snitches, mean mugging, can’t fight Run into the po-lice, fuck them niggas I pull out, like a tooth, when the back is rotten Finish 'em off, like your menstrual, after you spotting Ghost can’t complain, 5'6″, swinging those hips And my miss got me wanting to sing Walking down the street, watching ladies I got by watching you, watching you I want you, like if I ain’t got nothing to do Somebody better call the cops Cuz if that thing cock back, it’s gon' pop Once me stop moving, it ain’t gon' stop Whatever that girl wants, you know she got shopping Somebody better check the swag We rack up and never check the tags We just stuffed it all in the bag Oh, you mad? Well, too bad

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