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песня Stay
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Stay (Длительность 02:56)

Текст песни Ghostface - Stay
Yo, boo, I want you to say, fall back Put your slippers on, have a seat, give me your leg I got the baby oil warmed up, Dreamgirls DVD Stagger Lee swine, could you stay mine, pretty please? I"m begging you, girl, but time fly since 2 o’clock, boom I turn around it’s like 12 on the dot What am I to do? Your steeze got a live nigga wanting you Around the way girl, that’s why I don’t mind sporting you [Interlude: sample (Ghostface Killah) Someone who loves you, only half as much as I do (He don’t love you, he don’t love like I love you, boo) (He's not even close) Aiyo, he don’t really love you like I do Kiss your feet, make love to you, like I do Wake you up, in the night tank and surprise you Cross my heart, swear, put my hand on the bible I’m not a cold blooded killa, baby, I cry too The best thing for me is when I’m laying beside you Turn you over, open up, get up inside you He a woman beater, no doubt, and he lies too Stay, a little longer (please, baby, just one last time) I know you have to go home to him (I know you got to bring it out, though) When you leave I get aggy, I don’t know how to act The reality settle with a punch and a smack When I know that you with him, you ain’t calling me back It be that thing down there, that got me way off track Someone, who loves you (I'm telling you) (His heart ain’t even nowhere near it as mines be) Only half as much as I do (come on, trust me on this) If it’s like that, fuck that nigga, he a clown He don’t know what he got, let that bastard suffer I sent you roses, Donna Karen bags from Paris He can’t match my one, son, he’ll be embarrased Stay, a little longer (all I wanna do is take you out tonight) (Go to clubs thats popping) I know you have to go home to him (come on, let’s go get our one-two On, come on) Aiyo, baby, don’t leave, cuz the club is popping We got grandma yay, plus the tunes is knocking On the dance floor, I’m sweating my ass off Imagining us in deep lust, how you look with your pants off My one-two step, your dress is so spun And your neck smell good, look cute when you chewing your gum and From the womb to the tomb, you’re blessed with a killa walk You don’t have to give me none, it’s ight, we’ll talk Someone who loves you Only half as much as I do

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