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Песня:Do Over
песня Do Over
Альбом:Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City
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Do Over (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни Ghostface - Do Over
This is a story of a player from an Island That lost his way, such a price to pay To kiss those girls and make them cry Kiss those girls and make them cry To love, to lose, to plead for a do over A do over Give me a do over I want a do over It’s that Radio Raheem and Ghostface Killah If you knew I was out of line, I miss you like all the time And if you don’t wanna see me, fine A good girl’s hard to find, so maybe in due time Can I get a do over? Can I get a do over? Aiyo, I used to get a threesome, every other weekend Cheated on my girl til we nearly stopped speaking She broke down and cried, and it hurt so bad Her friends went and told her I was a brand new dad Of course, she knows now, I ain’t used no bag My excuse was I couldn’t cum like that She warned me of days like this, if this should happen She’ll be out, and we’d be the ones sharing the napkin Silly dilly me, didn’t follow the instructions Don’t bring nothing home, I don’t wanna hear nothin' But brought to the world, innocent, two month old little girl But what am I to do? Yo, I lost my boo It’s like being kicked out the group and lost my crew Throwing a baby up to someone I hardly knew Nah that shit don’t add up, what am I to do, yo? I lost my jewel Aiyo, I wrote this right here, on the bus to Rikers Right next to the thieves, the cons, the lifers For mad years, you held you down, I’mma overwhelmed in pain And the worst time to leave you, now I’m sorry, please forgive me, the streets caught me I appreciate your concern and support for me Most important, your honesty and trust, your heart’s incredible This the truth spilling out of my guts If I, would of took the chance to see What was place right in front of my face For sure, nine out of ten times My actions wouldn’t allow me to be so naive And blind, to carry out these mistakes I’m cheating, running around, blasting my gun For me, my rep on the streets like touching the sun You like a fingerprint, I never find a match like you Thanks for your patience, you find a man, I hope it’s true She was screaming out the window, I was walking up the block Throwing out my Timbos, and all my clothes She said, F*** my, apoligies She said, the lies won’t fit those And I said, baby, now let me explain I know I had fucked up, it was a one time thing So take all the time you need and desire And if you let me do it over, I promise to do it right Hello baby, I’m sorry for everything that just been going on lately You know, I’ve kinda been stressed out I’ve been thinking about the things I did to you lately and Not listening when you was telling me to chill Now I wind up in here, it’s like You remember, listen boo, listen The way you rub my face, the way you talk to me The way you look at me, I know ain’t no girl in the world gon' ever give me that Like the way you gave it to me So right now I’m pleading, and this is my word on everything I’m on my knees, babe, just take me back, give me one chance I’m asking for a do over…

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