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Песня:Force Of Nature
Артист:Pearl Jam
песня Force Of Nature
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Force Of Nature (Длительность 04:04)

Текст песни Pearl Jam - Force Of Nature
Understand She’s a Force of Nature Contraband hiding deep inside her soul Exercising her will to lose control She lets go Common Man he don’t stand a chance no Wonderland pulling Alice in the hole No way to save someone who won’t take the rope And just let’s go One Man Stands the edge of the ocean A beacon on dry land Eyes upon the horizon In the dark before the dawn Hurricane has the trade winds blowing Gale force shaking windows in the storm Shipwreck from a love that he calls home One light on Somewhere there’s a siren singing A song only he hears All the strengths you might think would Disappear resolving One man stands alone awaiting for her to come home Eyes upon the horizon In the dark before the Darkness leaves the dawn Makes me ache Makes me shake Is it so wrong to think that Love can keep us safe? Last I saw he was out there waiting A silhouette in the black light full moon glow In the sand there he stands upon the shore Forevermore

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