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Песня:Don't Let Go
Артист:Deep Purple
песня Don't Let Go
Альбом:Rapture Of The Deep
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Don't Let Go (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни Deep Purple - Don't Let Go
I get lost on a regular basis I’m not alone I see the same old faces Back on the road it’s a worthy opponent I get home in the heat of the moment What’s that stuff always rise to the surface College cream, it always emerges Be what you are I tell myself And myself tells me we can’t be anybody else You always sleep with a smile on your face Much as I want to put myself in your place Not my business I’ve got dreams of my own I try to recall but when I wake up it’s gone Don’t let go of that image You’ll never see it again I can hear voices they’re buzzing in my head Eyebrows raised was it something I said A long hot night, it crept in like a thief The engine stopped, the seatbelt popped And her jaw dropped in disbelief Don’t let go of that beast You’ll never see it again Don’t let go of that whisky bottle You’ll never see it again

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