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Песня:Money Talks
Артист:Deep Purple
песня Money Talks
Альбом:Rapture Of The Deep
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Money Talks (Длительность 05:34)

Текст песни Deep Purple - Money Talks
I was young and healthy Extremely wealthy I swung in the trees And did as I pleased I thought I was rich Oh yeah Such sweet seduction I could feel the suction Greasing my palm And doing no harm Just making some deals What a bitch Money talks to me Whispers in my ear Gives me everything I want Everything I want I had rising stock So I got more pockets I knew somewhere to stick it Where no-one would nick it I kind of went private And then, aha Such sweet seclusion No more intrusion Too much food on my plate But there’s guards at the gate Such joy I could almost die of it Money goes to money Yes it always returns Finds its way back to the big house Where it lives all alone Wraithlike silent partners Operators of the system Give words of quiet assurance To an otherwise healthy victim It’s all coming back to me I would swing in the trees And I’d swim in the ocean I used to show some emotion I was not to blame I feel no shame The structure was shaking Was there for the taking I had the resources But then, oh no Someone outbid me I can’t take it with me? Then I will devour it I can’t go without it It’s simply a question of Market forces

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