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Песня:Old Records
Артист:Irma Thomas
песня Old Records
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Old Records (Длительность 04:18)

Текст песни Irma Thomas - Old Records
It’s so good listening to old records And think about you Yes it is It’s so nice Riding slowly through the park slightly after dark and thinking of you I know I was flirting with a hurting and now I’m certain You did the right thing leaving me But at least when you left you left so many sweet memories Just like old man river I’ll keep right on rolling It ill never be the same without you Night time finds me counting diamonds int he sky And a turn on the stereo with the volume into a lonely low It’s so good listening to old records and thinking about you It’s so nice a fizzling soda on ice And thinking about you Memories of you seem to be my favorite pastime Either I can’t or I don’t wan to get you off my mind Oh im not afraid to move on to someone new But you’re a hard act to follow I just can’t stop thinking of you

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