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Песня:I'm Goin In
песня I'm Goin In
Альбом:I'm Goin In
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I'm Goin In (Длительность 03:45)

Текст песни Drake - I'm Goin In
Yeah uh huh um uh huh Hello motherfucker hey hi how ya do’ern? It’s weezy f baby come to take a shit and urine on the toilet bowl bitches pussy ass niggas Stomping on this beat like a motherfucker sigma Bad to the bristle Hat to the rizzle I’m so official all I need is a whistle bitch named crystal Let her suck my pistol She opened up her mouth And then I blow her brains out You ain’t met a nigga like me You probably never will Riders rollin' with me like 11 wheels Find out where you livin' Kill you in the kitchen The feds trying to clip us but we ain’t even trippin' I’m going in And I’ma go hard Bitch I’m going in And I’ma go hard First off you know what it is if you heard drake Making hoes wobble like a bridge in a earth quake Never see me out cause I live in my work place I give you the business so button up your shirt straight Look at where I landed You would think I planned it I’m just doing me and you can never understand it Chicks get hammered Big dick bandit Money flowing like a slit wrist No bandage Blowing purple clouds nigga I’m so sky high I ain’t cutting anybody slices out of my pie Out of this world though I’m so sci-fi And I don’t sit still I keep it moving like a drive-by I just tell the truth and so I’m cool in every hood spot Twenty one years and I ain’t never met a good cop Me and Wayne lean like Kareem doing hook shots Cover me I’m going in to buck you when the hook drops I’m going in And I’ma go hard Bitch I’m going in And I’ma go hard Hold up wait one motherfucking minute Its the El capitan I got motherfucking lieutenants If I said I’m going in then I motherfucking meant it An if I brought in the club then Imma motherfucking spend it Cost a few hundred bands an I’m motherfucking in it No need for a room cause you know I’m fucking in it She acting like she not but she know she fucking wit it She said she seen it all I said «No you fucking didn’t!!!» You ever bust 10 nuts in a two seater?! She said «I can’t feel my legs"I'm like «Bitch, me neither» I’m going in Where should I begin? I don’t even know maybe where my blunt ends An Imma be a legend even when my life ends An Imma be a legend even when this night ends Til I do my thang, hop up out it like biem Bitch I said I’m in so I’m nothing like them I’m going in And I’ma go hard Bitch I’m going in And I’ma go hard

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